April 1, 2021


リカルド・トッサーニ・アーキテクチャーではシニアプロジェクトマネージャー、アーキテクト、インテリアデザイナーを募集しています。日本やヨーロッパ、その他世界各国に渡る弊社の建築デザインを自ら率いて頂ける方のご応募を心よりお待ちしております。 詳細は上記の RECRUITMENT(採用情報)をクリックしてご確認下さい。


February 4, 2021

Positions Available

If you are passionate about architecture, design and master planning, living in Tokyo and interested in working in a boutique international, dynamic office on innovative projects in exotic locations, please email your resume and portfolio to info@tossani.com.

April 2, 2018


Exciting contemporary architecture needs talented and dedicated architects…….. If you are as passionate about design as we are about architecture, then talk to us. Riccardo Tossani Architecture is always interested in hiring talented architects and interior designers as well as experienced project managers to join our excellent team. Our projects in Japan, Europe and elsewhere are amongst the best in the world. So is our staff. Click "POSITIONS AVAILABLE" above for more information............

February 15, 2018

World's Tallest Wooden Building

Wood grows on designers as a material for bigger and better buildings An increasing number of architecture companies around the world are turning to wood as the primary construction material for ever-larger buildings, although none has yet attempted a design as ambitious as Sumitomo Forestry Co’s W350 Project. “New technological advances with construction techniques and composite wood make this a very exciting area at the moment”, said Riccardo Tossani, who designed a retirement facility on the slopes of Mount Fuji that is presently the largest habitable wood structure in Japan. “Japanese designers – and architects around the world - are very keen to explore ways to make the best use of wood as a construction material, although it has been particularly difficult to make progress in Japan because of the very conservative fire regulations that make building anything over two stories very difficult and beyond three stories virtually impossible”, said Tossani, who set up Riccardo Tossani Architecture in Tokyo more than two decades ago.


May 23, 2017

New Architectural Trends: How our Future Cities Look Like

15th June 2017 (Thu) at 6:30pm Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan