Conjoining disparate buildings and wards, as well as a master planned garden and outdoor liesure space, the proposed Reception Pavilion and Park for Fuji Toranomon Hospital in Gotenba, near Mt. Fuji, is conceived as a welcoming "internal garden": a virtual greenhouse with reception amenities, staff offices and boardroom, and spacious waiting areas with panoramic views of water features as well as landscaped terraces. The compound curved roof is geometrically simple and inexpensive to build, and the curved form follows the natural vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow. The adjacent Park was designed with water features, duck ponds and orchestrated landscaping to provide patients with an outdoor area for strolling, resting and quiet recuperation and leisure.

Project Type: Commercial

Completion: 2015


Gotenba, Shizuoka, Japan

Fuji Toranomon Reception Pavilion