Riccardo Tossani Architecture's design of the restaurant, created by Interior Design Principle Atsuko Itoda reflects the contemporary, chic and non-culture specific character of Kamimura's culinary art. A Michelin 1-Star restaurant, Kamimura's unique cuisine follows a tradition of simplicity, taste, elegance and adventure originated by Sydney's Master Chef Tetsuya. Yuichi Kamimura, his long time disciple created his own culinary direction. Itoda’s design reflects Kamimura’s contemporary multi-cultural aesthetic. The sparse palette of materials, strategic lighting, axial approach to the main dining lounge all serve to focus the guests attention on the artistry of the cuisine and elegance of the dishes. The arrival experience begins at the entrance lobby with a backlit-white counter and narrow beam spot highlighting art on a pedestal at the entrance to the formal promenade to the dining lounge. This dimly lit, dark-stained oak hallway takes one past a glass enclosed wine cellar, and the private dining area, which can be transformed, by the use of large sliding glass partitions to a virtual terrace perched above the main lounge. The promenade terminates at a bright orifice of white corian and light oak, and a series of cascading steps in front of an open flame. This glass-enclosed fireplace sits on a black pedestal, and forces the visitor to pause and take in the high-ceilinged room. The tall floor-to-ceiling windows face the famous volcano Mt. Yotei. This dramatic view is backstopped by the wall opposite, which consists of a backlit grid of light stained oak display cases above the waiters’ stations. The precise detailing of joinery, wall edges and corners, cabinetry and doors adds another dimension to the layering of spaces and processional experiences in this small restaurant. Like Kamimuras’ cuisine, the interiors are multi-dimensional and full of surprises, beautiful from a distance and rich at close inspection.

Project Type: Commercial

Completion: December, 2012


Niseko, Hirafu

Kamimura Restaurant