Hidden amongst the silver birch trees of this native Niseko forest, SANGA Residential Estate sits on the edge of a promontory facing the magnificent Yotei volcano. Directly below is the fast flowing Shiribetsu River, the rush of its rapids a musical background to nature’s forest sounds. A majestic volcano as the centerpiece to a dramatic alpine panorama; the rushing river bend in the foreground; these are the protagonists of view corridors that orient the residences and the focal point of expansive window and balcony treatments. The residences are embraced by beautiful, lush native forests, which give life, seasonal variety and privacy to this unique and exceptionally rare setting.

Project Type: Master Plan

Completion: 2015 December (Phase 1)*

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The architecture* of each residence is derived from the form and colors of the location: the grey-brown tones of each building's abundant stone and timber, together with their simple form and minimally invasive footprints are respectful of this natural setting, preserving its character and enhancing its beauty. The floor of the forest is thus untouched right up to the perimeter of each residence, with inside and outside conjoined in the spirit of classical Japanese architecture.

Niseko’s famous snowfalls are managed in a minimalist way by virtue of simple roof forms that avoid dangerous avalanches and shed to easily cleared snow dump zones, reducing costs to Owners and disturbance to the native growth.

*Riccardo Tossani Architecture (RTA) master planned the estate and created schematic designs for the four residences.  RTA developed "Mountain" (Residence 4) through Concept Design, Permit and partway through Design Development and construction for the developer. The buyer of Residence 4 made final decisions on exterior form which vary from the original concept. RTA developed "River" (Residence 3) through Concept Design and Permit only.



Niseko, Hokkaido

Sanga Estate