This condominium building, in the heart of the densely populated Kanagawa neighborhood, was built to a very modest budget. Yet by design it has the style and character of a high-end luxury condominium residence.

Project Type: Condominium

Completion: June 2009 - August 2010

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The simple geometry of the exterior balconies and terraces was carefully studied to create a pleasing architectural dynamic of a continuous folded ribbon of horizontal and vertical plans, emphasized with material choices and contrasting colours. Discrete architectonic volumes are isolated and engaged with the overall geometry break up the scale. External stairs are treated like sculptural elements.

The common lobby is a clean and light-filled space with natural stone and wood employed to emphasize texture and grain. Japanese sculptors were commissioned to create 2 distinctive works, including one in the forecourt that becomes the centerpiece of the arrival experience.

The apartments, though relatively modest, are well equipped and all benefit from a central circulation plan that connects each resident to the common lobby that performs as an informal meeting place.

Balcony glass treatment and louver geometries play an important role in defining the form of the exterior façade. These and the wall cladding materials were carefully chosen and detailed to withstand the rigors of time and weather, with the specific goal of requiring minimal ongoing maintenance.

Lighting, material choices, art and geometry bring form, character and distinction to this housing project, which contributes to the built cultural environment. Architecture results and provides prominence and pride to the residents of Towa Fujisawa.


Fujisawa, Kanagawa

Towa Fujisawa Condominium Towers